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JOAN (Jock On Air Now) informs your listeners/viewers via your website which show and Jock/Host is on air at any given time of day or night. With JOAN Premium you have more control over your schedule, it’s easier to add/edit schedules for those needing to make changes often and those with large schedules export previously created schedules or develop their schedule off-line then import them into JOAN. More features coming soon.


  • Upto 1 Domain Lifetime License (Never Expires)
  • *New-Added API developers can now use our API to integrate their JOAN schedule with native apps.
  • Moved Shortcodes to a separate Tab
  • Text “JOAN Display Shortcodes” changed to “JOAN Shortcodes”
  • ON/OFF button to end of menu
  • Added save changes reminder when user make any change to settings
  • *Share current JOCK/Show on Facebook and Twitter
  • *Add a Default Image JOCK image
  • *Resize JOCK image Size
  • *Grid or List view schedule
  • *Schedule image
  • *Added option to display schedule as 24 hrs-clock format
  • *Localization Support
  • *Priority Support
  • *Schedule Import/export
  • *Multi-site support
  • *Edit existing show times (without having to delete the show first)
  • *Enter recurring shows only once, JOAN will automatically insert the show for all the days you select
  • *Set shows’ status
  • *Daily, Weekday or Weekend Schedule Display
  • *Open show URLs in a new tab
  • *Customize your “Off Air Message”
  • *Hide or show next show/jock
  • *Suspend Schedule.
  • *Display your schedule using the sidebar widget “JOAN” or the “On Air Now” Shortcode.
  • *Add show/jock external links
  • *Display jock photo.
  • *Add the “On Air Now widget” to any post or page
  • *Shortcode to show daily schedule
  • *Shortcode to show weekday schedule
  • *Shortcode to show weekend schedule
  • *Supports non-wp_ prefix databases
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JOAN Premium, the best DJ schedule plugin for WordPress. Premium features, support make for a better user experience. We’ve created a simple document to help guide you. Still not sure if JOAN is right for your site? Give us a call, we’ll answer any questions you may have.