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User Friendly Web Design

Design with your users or customers in mind, we keep it super clean, sleek and simply a pleasure to use.

Customer Oriented Devlopment

We pay attention to the needs of our clients to ensure satisfaction. It makes us smile.

Premium Support

To ensure our clients focus on their business we offer premium support for all our products services.

Premium Support

Consider us your one-stop shop, the backend to your back-end. Only out front when required.

Procurement Services

G & D Enterprises Inc. works with a number of first-rate manufacturers and suppliers.

Extensive Documentation

Our experience provides us with a unique blend of skills and capabilities to be your one-stop for most of your business needs.


We provide support services to many businesses and individuals. We offer Project Management, Procurement services, Web Design, and Support, Website Hosting, Domain name registration, VPS, Dedicated servers, Mobile Apps and more.
  • Customizable Streaming

    With amazing quality video and audio produced by our professional team on-site during your event.

  • Browser Compatibility

    All our designs are built for browser compatibility.

  • Broadcast Yourself

    VousCast Media Platform (VMP) provides the most reliable Shoutcast, Icecast and video streaming.

  • Events & Tickets

    We understand event organizing, promotion is not an easy job. You shouldn’t have to worry about ticket sales and collecting revenue too.

  • Reliable website hosting+

    Give your website the reliable, high-performance home it deserves. We pride ourselves on top-notch quality of support.

  • Multi-Purpose Apps

    We develop apps for streaming radio, streaming TV and integrate all your web content including your social networking profiles.

  • Book Design Services

    G & D Book design services coming soon!

  • WordPress Plugins

    We believe in developing plugins which are practical and useful.

  • Get in touch

    Still not convinced we can help? No worries, get in touch with us we’ll answer any and all questions you might have regarding our services.


In today’s world staying true to the traditional way of doing business is not so easy. We can help you transition into or implement some modern techniques into your already strong model to help you capture new sets of customers.


We believe that whatever you are doing you need a plan. Which is why we work closely with our clients to plan and implement ideas and projects designed to make your business more dynamic and forward looking.


We’ll do the hard work required to bring more visitors to your site, increase your page rankings. Retain us for as long as you need us, no long-term contracts. We spent a long time testing different methods and techniques, now we have proven methods that work for our clients all designed to save you money.