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What is VMPlayer? - AVAILABLE NOW!

VMPlayer (Vouscast Media Player) is a pop-out player specifically designed for Shoutcast and Icecast radio. VMPlayer pop-out player helps your listeners stay tuned to your stream while they continue to browse the rest of your website. Without losing the radio or having to start listening ever ytime they land on a new page.

Available Features

  • Easily add your stream URL
  • Customize player color and size
  • Customize pop-out button color and size
  • Place shortcode to show pop-out button anywhere (sidebar, Page or post)
  • Social Share options
  • Live listener count
  • Stream quality
  • Genre
  • Last played
  • Artist or song artwork, when available.

How To

From your WP plugins page press add new and search for VMPlayer. Install and activate. – After installation and Activation

From the Admin menu click VMPlayer

1. Add your stream URL e.g http://server:port

2. Size the player window and button to your preferred size A width of 605px, height of 492px is the recommended window size.

3. Go to your pages and find the VMPlayer Page. This is important: In order to make sure only the pop-out player shows in the window
you’ll need to change the page template, there are two or three ways of doing this.

Note: If your pages are automatically added to your menus be sure to exclude the VMPlayer page from the list.

3.a. Change page template to Elementor Canvas or Redux Canvas if you used either of these plugins to build your pages
then click edit with Elementor if you have Elementor Page Builder installed.

3.b. You can hide the header and footer using custom CSS. Your theme may have multiple options to add CSS, but we recommend the WP core option. Login as administrator then visit Appearance > Customizer > Additional CSS.

3.c. Find page’s ID.

3.d. There are two ways to find your page ID, first method is to open your page as editor your page ID will be included with the URL and will look like this “post=1234”

3.e. The second method is to go to your page like a normal user and open the inspector (right-click menu or F12 or CTRL+SHIFT+I). When you’re in the inspect menu scroll up until you see <Body …-page-1234> this number is the ID you need copy it.

4. Return to the customizer and paste the following into the Additional CSS input field

[ .page-id-1234 header, .page-id-1234 footer {
display: none !important;
} ]

4.a Replace the sample page ID with your actual ID

4.b. You may have to manually turn off sidebars if your theme do not have a canvas template for example WPBakery users who have no canvas template will have to go to the page and, Remove margins, Hide featured image on the single post, Sidebar position – Hide

That’s it for page setup.

Final step: Copy the pop-out button shortcode from the VMPlayer dashboard and install it on your sidebar or page or post where you want the button to show up.

Your users/listeners can now listen to your radio uninterrupted while they browse your site.