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License & Installation

Q. How to Install

A. Download the zip archive use the standard WordPress plugin installation method to install and activate the plugin. Next, click on JOAN >> License menu item, enter your license information to activate your license.

*For a more detailed guide see “Installation under the Getting Started section of this Knowledge base.

Q. Does JOAN Premium support WP Multi-sites?

A. Yes. Purchase a PRO1, PRO5 or developer license. Install as with network super-admin then activate. Go to any of your sites and activate your license as you would on a single site. Repeat previous step to activate on additional sites. You can now add a different schedule for each site. You can also Network Activate.

Q. How do I manage my schedule?

A. Click on “Manage” from the Admin Menu Add your shows’ day and time and details, name/jock. Check the box next to ” Is this a recurring show?” To add shows that reoccur quickly.

*For a more detailed guide see “Manage Schedule” under the Getting Started section of this Knowledge base.

Q. Does the license expire?

A. If you subscribed to your license, and fail to renew on or before the anniversary of the purchase date your license will expire.

Q. What happens after the license expires?

A. You’ll lose access to priority support, updates and new features. Some features including the widget may quit working.

Q. How do I activate my license?

A. Activate the plugin. Then click on “License” from the  Admin menu (JOAN Premium -> License) enter your license key and the email address you used during purchase.

Q. Can I switch license type after purchase?

A. Yes, can upgrade your license to a higher tier than the current at any time. We recommend however, you do so after your renewable license expires as doing so will generate a new license key. Or contact us for assistance.

Q. If I change my mind after purchase can I get a refund?

A. Because this is software we can only offer a refund under certain circumstances and conditions. Contact our sales & support team for clarification.