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Schedule & Widget

Now that you’ve finished adding your shows it’s time to show the world what’s happening and what’s coming up live when they visit your website.

You’ll find all the required shortcodes on the Shortcodes” Tab on the settings page.

Note: By default the schedule is displayed with List view. Users can change the view by click “Grid” this will temporarily change the view from list to grid.

There are several ways to do this;

Create a new page name it “schedule” or anything you like. Next add one of the four(4) shortcodes intended to load your schedule.

  •  Show your full week schedule (7 days)
  • Show your weekday schedule
  • Show your weekend schedule
  • Show your daily schedule

Use the sidebar widget to show what’s currently live and optionally what’s coming up next.

You can use either the widget in your sidebar

Or copy/paste the Now-playing shortcode to any post/page you like.