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Q. Why am I unable to activate my license?

A. Please ensure your input matches the email address you used during purchase. We also recommend you copy/paste your key.

Q. My license was active and working fine. Why did it suddenly deactivate?

A. This can happen if our license checker fails to confirm your license validity after two(2) tries. The solution is to wait for wait 10 minutes and try again. If it still fails contact us by creating a support ticket.

There are three possible reasons for this problem.

  1. You failed to enter an event/show for each hour of the day. For example; if there’s no live host or show between 1 pm & 2 pm on any day and you leave the schedule empty for that hour this error may occur. We recommend you don’t skip it in the schedule. Instead, add “TBD” or anything you like in place of any unused timeslots. Additionally JOAN expects you to add a full schedule for everyday of the week.
  2. The start day and end day do NOT match. Example: Let’s say you added a 1 hour show starting at 8 am Sunday, the end time should be 9 am the same day. But instead, it ends 9 am  Monday. Next you add a show starting at 9 am Monday. This breaks the time causing the widget to be either ahead or behind.
  3. You may have also overlapped time slots; JOAN expects the day to end at 11:59 pm, and the new begins at 12 am.

How to Fix?

1. Don’t skip time slots or days. JOAN expects data for everyday an hour.

2. Make sure all your start and end days match.

3. If your shows go into midnight be sure to end at 11:59 pm and then add the same from midnight.

Either you already have a show in this timeslot or you overlapped your timeslots and then tried to add a show within the same hour.

This error will also show up if you add all day shows.

Always start your schedule at midnight and end at 11:59 p.m. JOAN uses the 12/hrs clock to calculate time and display the correct show for any given hour of the day.

correct joan

Your start and end times are the same.

Be sure to double check your time settings before adding your show.

You may have forgotten to add a jock image while creating your schedule manually or you left the image URL fields (cells I & J) empty in the csv file.

Solution: If you want to include a Jock image, from the schedule tab edit your existing schedule, clink on “Expand, then Update Jock Image” add an image from you WP library, a URL or upload from your computer.

Solution: If you don’t want to add images you can either use our place holders (URLs found in the sample csv file) when importing a schedule. Otherwise go to “Options” Disable, show JOAN Image also disable “Show upcoming JOAN”

Unfortunately at this time there’s no way to accomplish this. In a subsequent upgrade we’ll include the ability to hide the text the same way you can hide the jock image.