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Import & Export


If you prefer to import your pre-defined schedule, we’ve made it easy to import a csv file. *WARNING! Only import schedule on newly installed “empty” JOAN. Importing your schedule to a site which has a previously completed or partial schedule will create duplicate entries resulting in multiple errors.

Complete the spreadsheet with your schedule data, then from the import/export tab browse your computer for the file “Choose File” and then click import.

*Important; Double and triple check your csv file before importing it to ensure there are no errors or empty required cells. As these may cause errors with the schedule or the “On air now widget.”

Required Cells:

Columns: B, C, D, E, F & G

Optional but recommended

Columns: H, I, J & K

Download our sample here. If you’re not sure how to do this, replace all the sample data with your own.


After completing your schedule we recommend you use the export function to back it up just in case. Even if you uninstall JOAN unless you delete related files from the database, reinstalling the plugin will restore your schedule data. Exporting the schedule also comes in handy if you manage large or multiple sites you can easily edit the schedule as needed for each site.